Hyperlite 2017 Eden Women's Wakeboard with Jinx Bindings

Hyperlite 2017 Eden Women's Wakeboard with Jinx Bindings












  • Great price and includes bindings
  • Good board for learning
  • Suggested by expert riders for learners
  • Durable
  • Simple to use


  • Made for women riders
  • Not challenging enough for professionals
  • Appearance could be better for female riders

Hyperlite is one of the most famous companies known for its best type of wakeboards. The company has been in business for a long time and has a diverse product range along with a wide customer base as well. Other than that, there are different types of bindings as well which the company produces and sells alongside with its wakeboards.

One of the best wakeboards which the company has designed for female riders is the Hyperlite 2017 Eden Women’s Wakeboard with Jinx Bindings. The best part is the fact that the company gives you appropriate bindings with the package.

Strong board

The quality of the 2017 Eden Wakeboard which includes Jinx Bindings matters a lot since it has to go through different types of rough usage as well. Other than that, a high quality wakeboard is going to provide the user with a better experience of riding. This board is quite strong and it is made to last the damage as well.

There is an asymmetrical design which makes it better for women. The 2017 Eden is a good one which makes it easier for the learners to learn with the wake jumps as well. There is less rail to initiate when applying toe-side pressure which is another great thing about this one.

Creates Less Drag

A good wakeboard is one which creates less drag and provides a better release off the wake so that the user can gain confidence while riding. This wakeboard is among the few which create less drag.

A good and professional pair of Jinx Bindings is provided to the user which means that you can have the professional experience with this wakeboard at the maximum comfort as well. The Eden 2.0 has been tested and proven to be the best choice for a rider looking to master the foundations of wakeboarding.

Specs and Features

  • Model year: 2017
  • Size: 130 cm
  • 4-8 boot size
  • Continuous rocker
  • Jinx Bindings
  • Fin configuration: 4 fins
  • Made for intermediate and beginners


  • Tested and proven to be the best choice
  • Easy to learn proper riding technique
  • High quality of the board
  • Provides extra pop off the wake
  • Amazing experience
  • Suggestion by the experts
  • Comes with a pair of bindings as well


  • Made for women only
  • Not to be used by experts


The verdict for the Hyperlite 2017 Eden Women’s Wakeboard with Jinx Bindings goes out in the favor of those women who are in the intermediate level of riding a wakeboard or in the beginner stage. For women who have crossed the expert stage, they should not have this wakeboard because it is going to be quite short and easy for them since it does not have a hard flex.

The jinx bindings are a good addition with this wakeboard and we believe that the users will enjoy having this wakeboard. It gets a positive verdict and a highly recommended situation from us as well as other experts as well. Get it from amazon.com right away and enjoy.