Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard

Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard












  • 1-year warranty for manufactured parts
  • Exclusive Pop
  • Lightweight
  • Combination of several wakeboards in one
  • Supreme control because of the 4 removable fins


  • Not suitable for people weighing more than 150 pounds
  • Cannot be shipped outside of US
New 2016 Hyperlite Wakeboard Agent with Destroyer Wakeboard Bindings (134 cm)

Wakeboarding is an amazing sport. However, your experience of wakeboarding depends on your wakeboard basically. Various wakeboards are there in the market and usually, many people get confused on getting the right wakeboard. Today, we will talk about the Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard which is a perfect wakeboard for intermediate and advanced riders. Why? Read on to find out

It got all that you need

The Agent series is a success for so many years. The latest model is better than the best. Most importantly, it has everything that you would want in a wakeboard. Well, we literally do mean everything this time. The Agent has an Enduro base which helps in prolonging the life of your wakeboard. It is not only durable but it is also lightweight.

Secondly, the Agent has M6 hardware which makes it extremely thin and also gives it a great pop. The Rail is based on a variable edge design which provides a good edge hold especially while you are taking some sharp curves.

An Amazing Lamination with Amazing Rocker

Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard has a layered glass construction. There is a layered glass over the traditional glass fibers. This specifically helps in giving the board a double pop off the wake and moreover, it helps in making the wakeboard resistant to minor scratches and damages.

With a profile 3-stage hybrid rocker, this wakeboard is super stoked. It has no slow or draggy issues and it just goes beyond some amazing speed limits. Just fly off easily with zero effort. With a Biolite 2 core in hand, the Hyperlite Agent wakeboard provides the right combination of weight and durability for intermediate to advanced riders.

Specs and Features

  • Size: 134cm
  • Rocker Type: 3-stage rocker
  • Colour: Black and White (mixed)
  • Core Type: Biolite 2 core
  • Lamination type: Layered Glass Lamination
  • Rail type: Variable Edge Design
  • Base Type: Enduro Base
  • Fin Configuration: Four removable fins 8 inches
  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate – Advanced

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  • Hyperlite gives a 1-year warranty for the Agent Wakeboard against manufacturing faults
  • Exclusive Pop
  • Lightweight
  • Combination of several wakeboards and thus turns out to be an amazing one
  • Supreme control because of the 4 removable fins


  • Not suitable for people weighing more than 150 pounds
  • Cannot be shipped outside of US


Hyperlite has made this wakeboard an amazing one because it has a lot of features combined together. It has literally zero issues and riders are just calling it as the best wakeboard of the year. We also recommend you to ride this wakeboard because it has all that you need.

A good base, lightweight, better control, amazing pop and most importantly, Hyperlite offers a 1-year warranty with this wakeboard as well because of its amazing quality.