Liquid Force 2017 Next Wakeboard

Liquid Force 2017 Next Wakeboard












  • Lightweight
  • Perfect blend of performance based materials
  • Quick on and off the wake
  • Improved strength than last year's model


  • Expensive

The Liquid Force 2017 Next Wakeboard is such a board which is designed for beginners and professionals alike. No matter a ride has used wakeboard or never ridden on it before, both can easily use this wakeboard. This wakeboard is perfectly designed with right size and shape.

The width of the wakeboard is also kept enough so that a person can drive easily without getting worried about fall-off. It is easy to practice as you can keep your balance easily on the base of the wakeboard. Liquid Force 2017 is incredible wakeboard for sports purpose.

Lightweight and Durable

One of the best features of the 2017 Next Wakeboard is that it is lightweight. You will not have to bother about how to hold it as the lightweight allows you to hold the board easily. PU Core Compression-molded base is used for making the board durable and strong enough to last for years. Vector Net-Unique technology of carbon weave is used for making it. Therefore, it is much stronger than those wakeboards made up of fiberglass.

The shape of this wakeboard has smooth curves. These smooth curves give the rider a smooth start and stop of the ride. You can easily handle the speed of the wakeboard it; you are using this wakeboard. Its edge is perfect to hold the rider in a safe and better manner.

Simple Design

The base of the 2017 Next Wakeboard is simple. Green and white color combination are used for making it. At the mid of the board, there is beautifully designed a logo of Liquid Force. The great color combination gives a neat and sophisticated look to the board. Pro Glass Layup-Engineered combinations enhance the performance of the board.

The response on and off the unit is also improved. A blend of materials is used in making of the board which improves the strength and flexible rebounds. The size and width of the wakeboard are kept in such a manner that it fulfills a need of every person. It is not recommended to place this wakeboard under sunlight as it can damage the base.

Specs and Features

  • Brand: Liquid Force 2017
  • Model: Next Wakeboard
  • Length – 53.2 inches
  • Width – 16.7 inches
  • Rocker – 2.5 inches
  • Stance Range – 21 to 25 inches
  • Rider Weight – 80 to 160lbs


  • Lightweight wakeboard
  • Improved strength
  • Quick wake on and off
  • Perfect blend of materials
  • Ultimate performance


  • Expensive


If you’re looking to get unforgettable water ride, then the Liquid Force 2017 Next Wakeboard is the right tool for you. The wide length and width of the board make it easy for you to ride on the board for hours. The quick and easy on and off the board make it easy for you to use it whether you are professional or newbie.

The simple design of the wakeboard gives it a neat look. Color combination of the board makes it suitable for everyone. However, you will have to pay a huge price but the board worth it.

Liquid Force Next 139 Wakeboard 2017
List Price: $327.25
Price: $327.25
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