Top 10 Liquid Force Wakeboards in 2018

Indulging in water sports is a great way to wake yourself up on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Wakeboarding is one such activity that allows you to surf on the energetic waves, and play with the cold water. However, if you don’t have access to the right kind of wakeboard, your fun activity might soon turn into a frightful hustle.

Liquid Force is a brand that has been churning out some of the best wakeboards in the market. Therefore, we have compiled a handy list of top ten Liquid Force wakeboards in 2018 that will make a suitable partner for you and accompany you to the beach!

ImageNameSkill LevelPriceRatingBuy From Amazon
Liquid Force 2017 Dose Shane Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 DOSE SHANE WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$10.0 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Arris Women’s Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 ARRIS WOMEN’S WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.8 buy_now
Liquid Force Raph Men’s Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE RAPH MEN’S WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.8 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 FLX Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 FLX WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.8 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Dream Kid's Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 DREAM KID’S WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate$$$9.7 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Butter Stick Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 BUTTER STICK WAKEBOARDBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.7 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Melissa Hybrid Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 MELISSA HYBRID WAKEBOARD Intermediate, Advanced$$$9.5 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Peak Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 PEAK WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.3 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Fury Kid’s Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 FURY KID’S WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.2 buy_now
Liquid Force 2017 Tao Wakeboard ReviewLIQUID FORCE 2017 TAO WAKEBOARDIntermediate, Advanced$$$9.0 buy_now

Liquid Force 2017 Dose Shane Wakeboard Review



  • Exclusively designed for professionals
  • Smooth water riding experience
  • Provides more stability and control
  • Provides ultimate speed
  • Can be handled in any condition


  • Expensive

This Dose Shane wakeboard has been deemed as one of the best boards that have hit the market in 2017. The wooden core of this product provides durability and stability to the surfer and promises not to weigh you down. In fact, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Its body has been streamlined with exceptional features that offer great support, even on the rough sea waves. Its blunted square tail and the triple concave existing tail play an essential role in keeping your board afloat. Such a brilliantly designed wakeboard will make you instantly popular amongst your fellow beachgoers.

Liquid Force 2017 Arris Women’s Wakeboard Review



  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Flex technology provides softer landings
  • 3-staged rocker gives pop off the wake
  • Fast


  • Overpriced

This model has been specifically manufactured to make this water sport safe for women. Keeping the choice of ladies into the account, it is available in soft, cool hues. Moreover, its PU wooden core is flexible and provides just the right kind of support for female surfers. This product is robust and delivers the maximum amount of comfort to the consumer.

The grind base and flex technology work together to optimize the performance of this Liquid Force 2017 Arris Women’s wakeboard. It is a finless model, but its liquid rails and the inside channels overshadow this. It is exceptionally light in weight and comes in two different sizes, thus manageable and ideal for women surfers.

Liquid Force Raph Men’s Wakeboard Review



  • Concave softens landing
  • Provides torsional rigidity with increased longitudinal flex
  • Keeps the rail catch-free on rails
  • Triple stringers between foam provide superior strength
  • maintains speed while channels increase control and hold


  • Can be only used by extremely high-end and professional riders

The Liquid Force Raph Men’s Wakeboard has been designed in collaboration with the renowned sportsman, Raph Derome. A ton of brilliant features has been incorporated into its design to ensure that it is a compatible board for professional riders. Moreover, its PU wood core and Triax glass layup to take the durability of this wakeboard to the next level!

The Flex track technology allows the surfer to steer through the raging sea waves effortlessly. Plus, its fin configuration features a slider Quad fin setup, which is responsible for the added speed and acceleration.  All in all, this Raph Men’s wakeboard is the perfect way to enhance your wakeboarding experience.


  • CNC wood/PU core
  • Triax glass layup
  • Progressive speed
  • Longitudinal flex


  • Limited stock

Liquid Force 2017 FLX Wakeboard Review



  • Stiff and flexible at the same time
  • Smooth on the rails
  • Unique graphics
  • Landings are soft
  • Made for professionals


  • Not suitable for beginners

Here is yet another classic product from Liquid Force! The 2017 FLX Wakeboard is every professional surfer’s dream-come-true. Its all-wood core provides the right kind of rigidity and performs smoothly on the rails, that is required for wakeboarding in a cable park. In short, an outclass performance is guaranteed by the FLX wakeboard.

A robust grind base ensures the longevity of this model. This feature protects it from unnecessary scratches and marks. Even though it possesses a stable base structure, the FLX wakeboard itself is quite lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than 12 pounds, which is why male riders prefer it over other wakeboards.

Liquid Force 2017 Dream Kid's Wakeboard Review



  • Smooth yet controlled ride
  • Suitable for newbies and youngsters
  • Durable and resilient material
  • Interactive design
  • Concave, beveled shape


  • Only for beginners, not suitable for professional riders
  • May be expensive when comes with accessories

Cheer up young surfers, as Liquid Force has specially manufactured a wakeboard for novice beginners! You don’t need to fidget around with the wakeboards that belong to older members of your family anymore. This Liquid Force Dream Kid’s wakeboard is loaded with brilliant features and comes in three different sizes that make it a safe choice for kids of all ages.

A continuous rocker has been equipped into this model that enables a steady and smooth ride for your kid. Deep folded Quad fins are also present to improve the riding experience. Liquid Force ensures that your kid experiences an effortless ride in a very controlled manner, thus making it an ideal gift for beginners or anyone who wish to enjoy this adventurous water sport.

Liquid Force 2017 Butter Stick Wakeboard Review



  • lightweight and strong
  • damage resisting base reduces damage
  • clean and fast shape
  • flexible yet solid enough for solid landings
  • comfortable and easy to use


  • not suitable for people over 130 pounds
  • few boards left in stock

Even though the name might sound funny to your ears, this Liquid Force Butter Stick Wakeboard is one of the best products manufactured by this brand. It is a lightweight product but can support a body weight up to 130 pounds. Moreover, a multi-colored PU wood core and a firm grind base are the reason behind its sturdiness.

Flex zone tips are also there to offer a smooth landing experience to the riders. Its 3-stage rocker gives a greater pop, thereby, perking up your thrilling ride. Liquid Force claims that this innovative model is as strong as a stick, but glides on water waves just as effortlessly as butter would!

Liquid Force 2017 Melissa Hybrid Wakeboard Review



  • lightweight
  • comfortable and user-friendly
  • damage resisting base reduces damage
  • designed for intermediates and pros
  • subtle 3 stage rocker delivers quite a boost


  • not suitable for people over 170 pounds’ maximum, depending on the size of the board
  • not for beginners

If you had not been able to spot a wakeboard for intermediate-level learners, then here it is. This Liquid Force Melissa Hybrid Wakeboard has been made while keeping in mind the need for a product that caters to the needs of intermediate-level riders. This model is not only lightweight, but it also has various features that make it user-friendly.

No matter what your body weight is, you can get the possibility of choosing between 3 different sized wakeboards from this line. The Polyurethane core is the force behind the stability and firmness of this board. Its center base channel and the three-stage rocker make sure that you get an exhilarating experience when you are behind the boat or just wakeboarding at the park.

Liquid Force 2017 Peak Wakeboard Review



  • FlexTrack System
  • Solid protection
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Latest one to buy
  • Explosive pop


  • Expensive
  • Only for advanced riders

The latest wakeboard design by Liquid Force is here, and it has not disappointed us at all! The 2017 Peak Wakeboard features a CNC wood core that is the perfect definition of strength and toughness. However, the firmness of the main body does not prove to be a hindrance to its smooth performance.

Even though its structure does not feature any fins, but the concave beveled edge is there to provide an exciting ride against the raging water waves. Exclusive liquid rails and midbody channels further enhance this element. Perfect for Cable Park riding, this peak wakeboard is sure to give you a bang for its buck.

Liquid Force 2017 Fury Kid’s Wakeboard Review



  • Optimum weight bearing capacity
  • Concave beveled edges
  • V-tip channel Pro-Glass combo layup
  • Deep Molded-inn quad fins
  • Easy to use


  • Only for beginners
  • Only available in small sizes

Another gem of a product for young and enthusiastic riders! The 2017 Liquid Force Fury Kid’s wakeboard by Liquid Force has been making the waves for all the right reasons. Its incredible features make this model an absolute choice for new learners. A solid wooden core and an astoundingly powerful D-I-S-C hull ensure a strong wakeboard body. Such a firm structure is significant for providing stability to the newbies.

This Kid’s wakeboard has a continuous three-staged rocker, which is essential for offering that perfect amount of ‘pop’ in a cable park riding adventure. A total of 6 fins are present underneath the board that provides traction and much more control to the rider. This is a great way to ensure a steady balance to newcomers. Liquid Force is rightly famous for manufacturing highly calculated designs of wakeboards, and this model is one of its kinds.

Liquid Force 2017 Tao Wakeboard Review



  • Provides the best cable park riding
  • Very durable, can resist pro level damage
  • Effective riding experience to the user
  • Great pop off the wake
  • Durable core


  • Not made for beginners

Want to experience the ultimate wakeboarding episode? All you need is a Tao wakeboard in your life. This latest product by the Liquid Force board company blends different characteristics to deliver a genuinely classic masterpiece. Having a wakeboard with the right dimensions is extremely important. Therefore, Liquid force released the 2017 TAO wakeboard in a variety of sizes.

This design does not feature any fins, but the presence of a wide center concave and shaped channels are enough to compensate for them. A stepped deck profile and the exclusive Flex track system account the durability of this board. A grind base and liquid rails are also there to further add up to its stability.


If you are looking forward to getting your hands on a brand-new wakeboard this year, then investing in a Liquid Force product would be your safest bet. The models mentioned above by the same brand are not only sturdy and robust, but they are guaranteed to provide you with an incredible wakeboarding experience. Which one will you choose?