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Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Review

Great pop with little effort, stability and responsiveness

Wakeboarding is an amazing sport. However, your experience of wakeboarding can depend on the quality of your wakeboard. With so many wakeboards on the market, how do you choose the right one for you. Today, we will review the Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard which is a perfect wakeboard for intermediate and advanced riders. Why? Read on to find out.

Specifications and Features

  • Size: 142cm
  • Rocker Type: 3-stage rocker
  • Colour: Black and White (mixed)
  • Core Type: Biolite 2 core
  • Lamination type: Layered Glass Lamination
  • Rail type: Variable Edge Design
  • Fin Configuration: Four removable fins 8 inches
  • Skill Level Required: Intermediate – Advanced
Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard Review with destroyer indings

Hyperlite has made this amazing wakeboard that combines design features from different boards. It has literally zero issues and riders are just calling it as the best wakeboard of the year. This board is designed to have maximum pop off the wake with little effort, great stability and to respond easily while carving.  The bindings have a supremely cushioned feel which gives you the support you need when riding and landing.

Combination of board designs = max features

The Hyperlite Agent wakeboard series has been a success for so many years. The latest model is better than the best. The board includes features from both the Marek and Murray pro models resulting in a top performing board.   With four removable fins and step down edges, the rider has precision control of a fast board that moves with ease.


Secondly, the Agent has M6 hardware which makes it extremely thin and lightweight, giving it a great pop. The Rail is based on a variable edge design which provides a good edge hold especially while you are taking some sharp curves.

Amazing Lamination with Amazing Rocker

The Hyperlite Agent Wakeboard has a layered glass construction which is preferable to traditional glass fibers ensuring the board gives a predictable pop off the wake season after season.  With a Bio2 core, the Hyperlite Agent wakeboard provides the right combination of swing weight and durability for intermediate to advanced riders  looking to progress their skills.  These features have resulted in an extremely dureable wakeboard resistant to minor scratches and damages.


With a 3-stage hybrid rocker, this wakeboard is super stoked. It has no slow or draggy issues and it just goes beyond some amazing speed limits. Just fly off easily with zero effort, no catching through the flats. 

Hyperlite Wakeboard Bindings

The Hyperlite bindings are designed with comfort and support in mind.  The Low Pro Plate System ensures minimal flex between your foot and the board so you have greater control and responsiveness.  The EVA padded footbed gives a super comfy footbed without increasing weight.  


The bindings are a OSFM design (ideally for size 8-14) and with a cushioned flexible rear they are easy to get on and off. The mounting bracket has metal inserts to ensure a strong hold and durability and helps to allow you to seamlessly transfer power from your foot to the board. 

Hyperlit Agent Wakeboard (with bindings)

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  • Exclusive Pop
  • Lightweight, suitable for bigger guys
  • Combination of several wakeboards and thus turns out to be an amazing one
  • Supreme control because of the 4 removable fins
  • Package includes bindings


  • Low stock available
  • Not designed for beginners

Hyperlite Agent wakeboard with bindings

The Verdict

Hyperlite has made this wakeboard an amazing one with the combination of great design features, style and durability.  It has been a preferred wakeboard by many riders and the improvements to the current modelling have some calling it as the best wakeboard of the year. 


The 3 stage hybrid rocker,  combined with the lightweight design allows for better control and responsiveness, amazing pop and most importantly, durability.  This could be just the wakeboard to take your wakeboarding to the next level. 

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