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Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard Review

Size options for intermediate to advanced wakeboarders

The Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard is a new upgraded wakeboard manufactured by the Hyperlite company. Wakeboards are used for a water sport called wakeboarding in which the rider has to ride over the surface of the water keeping their balance. Wakeboards should be designed for the ease and the comfort of the rider.


Keeping that in mind, Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski have designed this wonderful wakeboard. The board is available in 136cm, 140cm and 144cm lengths. It features four removable fins and true step-down edges. The board also features M6 hardware and has a 3-stage hybrid rocker. It has an Enduro Base and Bio3 Core for maximum weight reduction created with Dow chemical for the right combination of swing weight and durability for recreational to advanced riding.

Specifications and Features

  • Size: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm
  • Bio3 core
  • Enduro Base
  • 3-stage Hybrid Rocker
  • Variable Rail edge design
  • 4 removable P-Wing Fins
  • Intermediate – Advanced wakeboard
hyperlite machete wakeboard review

The Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard has been created from the combination of 2 pro riders’ wakeboards.  This combination has created a board with exceptional style and features, designed to satisfy wakeboarders looking for an enhanced ride. 

Easy to Control

The Hyperlite Machete is designed to provide the rider with comfort.  Thus, it has many features that make this board easy to control, including the 4 removable fins and true step down edges.  This combination ensure the rider has maximum control in and out of turns and ultimate speed as they approach the wake. 


The M6 hardware reduces the thickness and therefore the weight of the board, making it even easier to use and ensuring greater control to perform tricks.

A New Variable Edge Design

Combine these features with the 3 stage hybrid rocker design, and the flatter section in the middle gives you great stability and you get maximum lift off the wake with little effort. The Variable Edge Design of this board means there is  less of an edge under your feet that then becomes sharper and cupped in the tip and tail.k  The result of this is catch-free riding on the flats and aggressive edge hold when turning.

Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard Price

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  • True step down edges
  • Enduro base – lightweight, but durable
  • Gives the perfect combination of swing weight and durability
  • Catch-free riding
  • Low weight because of Bio3 core


  • Stock is limited

Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard

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The Verdict

The Hyperlite Machete Wakeboard is one to consider if you are looking for a more advanced wakeboard with great control and a stylish design.  You’ll love this upgraded board and riding it will be a breeze.  The simple, clear design and durable construction features make this board one that will see you through this season and beyond.  


Hyperlite is known for their quality boards and this one boasts all the usually features you would expect from a board of this calibre. 

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