Ronix 2017 Julia Rick Flexbox 2 Let’s Get Tropical Wakeboard

Ronix 2017 Julia Rick Flexbox 2 Let’s Get Tropical Wakeboard












  • Unique, aggressive graphics
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Perform all types of tricks
  • Remains stable through the wake


  • Shows surface scratches easily

People need to have leisure activities after a busy and a hectic week. Wakeboarding is one of the best available options. It is a water sport in which the rider should ride over the surface of the water, keeping his/her balance. A wakeboard is needed for this sport.

The Ronix 2017Julia Rick Flexbox 2 Let’s Get Tropical Wakeboard is one of the best-selling boards in the market right now due to its high quality and the amazing features. It is specially designed for women and can be used by the intermediates and the professionals. To know more about this product’s features and the advantages it has, read the review below.

Easily Pulls Over the Surface

Weighing around 11 pounds, you can say that this 2017 Let’s Get Tropical Wakeboard is very light in weight. You can easily carry it from one place to another and place it in your car as it has a compact size. It has only one size, 138 inches, which is suitable for all heights of the rider.

This wakeboard is made from paulownia wood core and has a sintered base which makes it strong and durable and keeps it stable throughout the ride. Also, this board features a grip and release technology. It has all the traction you need without having unneeded resistance with the water.

Continuous Rocker

The 2017 Julia Rick Flexbox 2 Wakeboard provides a smoother and more consistent glide up the wake. The rider can carry more speed and performs many tricks due to the continuous rocker. This makes wakeboarding more fun and easier for you. It also has speedwalls which creates more water speed and protects from the bumps made by the water.

It also features an air core 2.0 which results in least amount of swing weight. It also adds contact even if the rider is behind the boat. This wakeboard has beautiful colors which attract the riders so you should get it too.

Specs and Features

  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Size: 138 inches
  • Color: Let’s Get Tropical
  • Air Core 2.0
  • Sintered Base
  • G&R Technology
  • Increased Continuous Rocker
  • Speedwalls
  • Flexbox 2
  • Paulonia Wood Core
  • Intermediate to advance level
  • Designed for women


  • Strong and durable
  • Light in weight
  • Provides a smooth and fast ride
  • You can perform any tricks
  • Stays stable throughout the ride
  • Cost effective
  • Looks attractive


  • Can easily get scratched


As you can see, this Ronix 2017 Julia Rick Flexbox 2 Let’s Get Tropical Wakeboard provides the riders with many great and important features like the continuous rocker, air core 2.0, and the grip & release technology. It also has a very strong base and is light in weight.

Riders are extremely happy with this product as it provides them with many advantages. You will too love this wakeboard and the results it gives out and it comes in reasonably priced.