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Hyperlite Murray Jr Girls and Murray Jr Wakeboard

An ideal board for beginners with features that help them get up and wakeboarding in no time

The Hyperlite Murray Jr and Murray Jr Girls wakeboards are ideal for beginners.  The 120cm size is a great board to start on with a weight capacity of up to 110lbs (50kg).  These Murray Jr boards are uniquely modelled off the Murray Pro wakeboard by the team at Hyperlite and are packed with features to have your youngster enjoying the ride.


The Hyperlite wakeboards are built with superior construction and design.  The monocoque contruction and Biolite 3 core results in a lightweight but durable wakeboard that is not only great for spinning and inverting, but also durable for those inevitable crashes.  If you are looking for a board for the family and their friends, this one will be there for the long haul. 

Specifications and Features

  • 120cm
  • Subtle 3-stage rocker
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Variable edge design
  • Molded landing feature
  • Toe-side footbed risers
  • Larger size board
  • Minimum swing weight profile
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite murray jr wakeboard review

We love the look of these boards too.  Nothing like a cool board to encourage the kids out onto the water. The Hyperlite Murray Jr design is ideal if you are looking for a unisex board to suit all the kids, whereas the colour scheme on the girls board, just makes it, well – a bit more girly.  Perfect for those little princesses who love to have everything pink!

Designed for Learning

When the kids are learning to ride, you want a wakeboard that makes it easy for them to have successes.  Whether it be getting up out of the water, learning to stay up, carving, coming up onto the wake or whatever other tricks they decide to try, this board will help give them a stable and forgiving ride. 


The variable edge design means the edge is a little more rounded between the stance and a little sharper towards the tip and tail.  What this does is to make the board a little more forgiving when riding, but when kids want to start progressing to turning and getting an edge hold, they’ve got a bit more sharpness there to achieve this.  It’s a great feature as they progress their riding. Combine this with the thinner profile at the tip and tail and you’ve got a board that has an effortless feel when spinning flat or doing inverts. 

Boost off the wake and land smoothly

With a subtle 3-stage rocker, a type of hybrid rocker, kids are sure to get that fun boost off the wake.  There’s a minimal flat spot in the board, between the boots, which subtly increases out to the tip and tail.  The result of this, kids get enough vertical pop off the wake to give them a boost and to prepare them for a more explosive 3-stage rocker down the track.


And, as we all know, what goes up must come down.  The Hyperlite Murray Jr wakeboard and the Murray Jr Girls board, both have molded landing features, that are designed to disperse the water on landing which results in a smoother landing.  Great for catching their balance and learning to land their jumps and also beneficial for the knees. 

Hyperlite Murray Jr Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Great for young beginners
  • Packed with features to help kids learn
  • Durable
  • Smooth, stable ride
  • Removable fins


  • Best for riders under 110lbs (50kg)

Hyperlite Murray Jr Wakeboard Package

Hyperlite Murray Jr Girls Wakeboard Package

The Verdict

Overall, we love this wakeboard.  It’s a popular choice for young beginners and has all the features they need to be able to develop their wakeboarding skills and techniques.  And as they progress to the more intermediate level, this board won’t let them down, it’ll go with them and ensure they have a fun, enjoyable ride until they outgrow it and pass it on to the younger siblings. 


The Hyperlite Murray Jr Wakeboard and the Murray Jr Girls are also just a really great wakeboard to keep around for when friends with young kids come along for a fun day of water sports. 

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