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Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard Review

Classic wakeboard design for all ages and skill levels

The Hyperlite Murray wakeboard has a ton of fans!  It’s a simple board design that has been around for a long time and is very popular with beginner, intermediate and advanced wakeboarders of all sizes. With four different adult size options available, it caters well for the bigger guys too.  There’s even a kid’s board in the series.  You’re sure to find one that will suit you. 


The features on this wakeboard have been designed by Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson, two wakeboarding legends.  They have kept the design simple, aiming for speed, easy pop and soft landings.  And the wakeboarding community love it. If you’re interested in a women’s board, the comparable wakeboard is the Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard also inspired by Shaun and Greg. 

Specifications and Features

  • 134cm, 139cm, 144cm, 150cm
  • Subtle 3-Stage rocker
  • Molded landing feature
  • Sized up philosophy
  • Variable edge design
  • Minimum swing weight profile
  • Monocoque construction
  • Biolite 3 core
  • Layered glass
  • M6 inserts
hyperlite murray wakeboard review

The Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard has heaps of positives because it contains so many amazing features. It’s a great wakeboard for polishing your wakeboarding skills, focusing on improving those tricks, and generally having a better riding experience. Shaun is always focussed on designing a wakeboard suitable for all ability levels, and with so many sizes available, you’re sure to find a wakeboard to meet your needs. 

Low Weight Design

The best thing about the Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard is the fact that it comes with a Biolite 3 core. This core is low in weight which makes it easier for beginner riders to learn on and developing riders can focus on their tricks. Spins, sends, and inverts are all easier to master on a lighter board. 


There are four different sizes available so that both beginner and intermediate level riders, of all weights, can have fun with this wakeboard.  The bigger guys are well catered for with the 144cm and 150cm Murray wakeboards. 


The sized up philosophy of this board is ideal for bigger wakes and also assists with stable landings because of the slightly wider base.  The extra surface area also means it’s got tons of pop.  But the extra size hasn’t meant more weight because of the Biolite 3 core and the slight thinning at the tip and tail of the board to reduce overall weight and maintain a minimum swing weight profile. 

Hybrid Rocker

When you’re out on the water, you don’t want to have to work too hard to keep the board moving.  You want a board with good speed and the hybrid, subtle 3-stage rocker delivers this.  With no flat spot, it has more of the speed usually expected from a continuous rocker, but the subtle 3-stage still gives the explosive pop.  The base of this board is simple so it crosses the water fast and gives a nice loose feel. 


For soft landings the subtle central spine under the feet disperses the water and allows the board to land smoothly.  When this is combined with the variable edge design it helps the board to be more forgiving on the landings.  The variable edge design is also more forgiving for surface tricks and provides greater responsiveness on edge.  

Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard Package Price

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  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy transitions from end to end
  • Designed to suit all ability levels
  • Plenty of speed with a little extra kick off the wake
  • Clean base profile means it has a nice ‘loose’ feel on the water whilst fins provide necessary grip
  • Subtle landing feature for softer landings


  • Appearance is a little plain

Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard Package

hyperlite mens wakeboard package

The Verdict

This shape is the favorite of Shaun Murray and the Murray series has been a long-standing favorite of the Hyperlite wakeboards.  The monocoque construction of the board, combined with the layered glass, is of the highest standard we have come to expect from Hyperlite. 


This really is a versatile and durable board and with lightweight and durable materials the Hyperlite Murray wakeboard will give you a satisfying and enjoyable ride, year after year, from one season to the next. We believe that Hyperlite has created a great wakeboard and hope you will enjoy riding it, mastering the speed, gaining that little extra height from the explosive pop and nailing landings that are nice and soft.

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