Hyperlite 2017 Vapor Wakeboard

Hyperlite 2017 Vapor Wakeboard












  • Affordable price
  • Strong durability
  • Sturdy, lightweight and strong
  • Accommodates aggressive riding
  • Includes one-year warranty


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Poor balance and rider control
  • Rail to rail transfers could be better
  • Graphics need to be updated

There are hundreds of wakeboards prevailing in the market nowadays so that users can purchase a suitable board that matches their needs the most. However, it’s always a difficult task to choose a right wakeboard that is not just durable but cost-effective as well. Are you also stuck in a similar situation?

Do you wish to buy a sturdy, efficient and inexpensive wakeboard? If so, then here is a great recommendation for you. The Hyperlite 2017 Vapor Wakeboard is an innovative and remarkable addition in Hyperlite family. It offers quality performance, top-notch features, durable design and all this in a low price tag. Read more about this phenomenal product below.

Great stability, Attractive Design and Soft Landings

First things first, the most appealing feature in any wakeboard is its design. An eye-catching pattern can make a board hundred times more attractive than a plain one. Do you agree? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that Vapor Wakeboard by Hyperlite will not disappoint you in terms of looks and design.

Not just this, the 2017 Vapor Wakeboard is equally superb in performance. This model offers extremely soft landings and great stability, all thanks to its 3-stage hybrid rocker. Its stable platform ensures stabilized impact, which ultimately facilitates rider to keep a natural position, throughout the water spree. Moreover, a flatter center is also fitted into the board that enables the users to get excellent pop off the wake.

Innovative Blend of Convenience and Quality

The 2017 Hyperlite Vapor Wakeboard comes equipped with four fins that are easily removable. If you are looking for a board that allows customized ride according to your desire, then this model is highly recommended. Users can either choose to remove all four fins or just one, as per personal preference. Furthermore, this board entails a unique design with a variable edge to provide smooth rail to rail transfer.

Some users have complaint that the board lacks control and balance. Therefore, it may not suit beginners. However, the experienced and intermediate-level riders can use if effortlessly. It is durable, efficient, well-designed, sturdy and just excellent for an enjoyable water-skiing experience.

Specs and Features

  • Variable Edge Design
  • 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker
  • Bio2 Core
  • Layered Glass construction
  • 4 removable fins
  • Enduro base


  • Very competitive price
  • Great durability
  • Accommodates aggressive riding
  • Minimal drag
  • Sturdy, lightweight and strong
  • Available with one-year warranty


  • Rail to rail transfers could be better
  • Poor rider control and balance
  • Not suitable for beginners


The Hyperlite 2017 Vapor Wakeboard is well-suited for those who have experience with wakeboards already and can use it properly. A beginner or an amateur may find it difficult to balance it on the surface of water, which can ultimately lead to unfortunate circumstances.

Besides this, it is a phenomenal equipment that entails high-quality features to ensure excellent performance and that too in a reasonable price. Basically, it is an all-around performance board so it may not attract those who are searching for something totally unique. Overall, it is a smart investment that can last you for a long time.