Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard













  • Damage resisting base reduces damage
  • Light weighed but strong
  • Clean and fast shape
  • Easy to learn
  • Amazing colors and graphics for women


  • Not suitable for people over 130 pounds

Hyperlite has manufactured another wakeboard specially designed for women, named The Mystique. It has many great new features to provide ease and comfort for the riders. Wakeboards are used for a sport named wakeboarding. In this sport the athlete has to ride it over the surface of the water, keeping his balance.

Different athletes need a specific type of wakeboard, depending on their desires. For this reason, many companies have manufactured wakeboards with different amazing features. Mystique is 135cm long and has a huge range of weight. It now features M6 hardware, four removable fins, and a subtle 3-stage rocker. The Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard bindings are also included in the package.

Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard Review



The Mystique wakeboard by Hyperlite has many incredible features that make it one of the best wakeboards in the market. It is strongly recommended for women, whether beginners or professionals, if they should weigh less than 130 pounds to provide durability and constant smooth functioning.

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Subtle 3-stage Rocker makes it fun

A subtle 3-stage rocker lays the foundation for a fast board that carves and edges with ease. This board is ones of the fastest boards in the Hyperlite generation for women. It provides maximum soft landings on either edge of the board. Riders can easily perform many incredible tricks, especially the ones that include extreme heights. This feature makes the wakeboard fun and easy to use.

Bindings Included

Mystique binding is a personalized female specific version of the all the time popular Destroyer model and features major upgrades. Hyperlite’s new 6″ Low Pro Plate System the binding features their lightest and most durable baseplate.

This leads to massive weight reduction and a smoother, more responsive ride. The rear flex zone reduces abrasion at the back of the leg, and the molded EVA provides cushioning within the heel and the toe.

Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard Price

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Specifications and Features

  • Length- 135cm
  • Color- black and pink
  • M6 hardware
  • 4 removable fins
  • subtle 3-stage rocker
  • 6″ Low Pro Plate System
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • For Women


  • Damage resisting base reduces damage
  • Light weighed but strong
  • Clean and fast shape
  • Tricks are easy to perform
  • Easy to learn
  • Amazing colors and graphics
  • Much easier to ride the board
  • Designed for Women. Be it beginners or pros.

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  • Only for heavyweight people i.e. weighing more than 160 pounds.
  • Experts only- Not for beginners


It is quite amazing that a wakeboard has some seriously cool features which no other wakeboard has. The tech-bot is an amazing one and many players would love the great speeds of this sander. Lightweight and being strong at the same time is not something easily possible. Byerly has made it possible with the Blunt Wakeboard.

We recommend our users that use this wakeboard provides an amazing wakeboarding experience. Make sure that only experts use it and not beginners

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